Jane Ingebrand


Tell us something interesting about yourself? 

Most people know that my husband, Mike, and I enjoy travel. However, they are usually surprised to learn that Mike and I went skydiving with our sons a couple of years ago. When they hear of this they usually respond that they can picture Mike doing that…  but Jane?  Jane really went skydiving???  That adventure is one of the best memories in my life now!!  After the sheer terror of leaving the plane had passed and the parachute had opened, I finally dared to open my eyes…  The view over rural Wisconsin was absolutely glorious - lushly green and completely quiet.  We spent 20 wonderful minutes floating in wide circles toward the ground. I will never forget, seeing from above, the majesty of God’s creation – bathed in the golden rays of the late afternoon sun... AMAZING!!!


How did you get connected to Trio Community Church?

Friends invited us to join them for worship one Sunday night, a couple of summers ago, at “The Shed” at Bob and Shelly Zimmer’s home. We enjoyed the meaningful worship, message and fellowship very much. When Trio began meeting at the Trailview Commons we began attending regularly. We have come to think of Trio as our church family.


What has God been showing you recently?

That His plan for my life is much better than any plans I might make on my own!!

I am naturally quite cautious and definitely a planner and list maker by nature. I remember “planning my life” as a girl and “planning our lives” as a newly married couple. Some of those plans came to fruition - but most did not. Now at mid-life, I realize that the best and most precious blessings in my life were totally unplanned by me!  Instead they are people/relationships/learning/growth/gifts that the Lord has led me into.  I am trying to learn from that!!  These days, I’m planning less myself - and prayerfully trusting Him with the future. That sounds so simple and you would think that a middle –aged woman would have learned that by now!!!  Thankfully there is grace when I fall short and there is Jesus who picks me up, dusts me off and goes with me when I try again…    I’m very thankful for the unexpected places that God has led me - and I want more of the good things He has for me!! 

Jeremiah 29:11 NIV

“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”